Friday, November 27, 2015

A Blog's Blog

Can you believe we've been blogging for a whole YEAR. This means it's our BLOG'S BIRTHDAY! How are we gonna' CELEBRATE? Anybody got a BRIGHT IDEA? We need some WIND for balloons. A few BOXES for gifts. An OVEN for a cake. DAIRY for ice cream. Some WATER to drink. And a guitar for MUSIC! We've been BUSY having fun, we didn't CALCULATE how the TIME'S past. What a great TRAIN of TOOLS we DISCOVERED. So THUMBS-UP to All you amazing TOWNERS of ANIIMAL TOWN.

Thursday, November 5, 2015


Today is going to be yummy. And that's because today is National Doughnut Day... AGAIN! Remember the last time we enjoyed this sweet Holiday was June 5. But today is November 5. So that means doughnuts have 2 days in their honor! In the year 1938, the Salvation Army received doughnuts from citizens. This was a cool way for civilians to show gratitude and send the troupes a little umph. People who like this treat were called "Dough Lassies." Who really knows how this desert got a 2nd day of kudos. We're just happy to partake for doughnut's sake. 

Sunday, November 1, 2015

It's THAT Time Again

Today is Daylight Savings Time!
Daylight Savings Time is when we turn the clock, to match the light projected from the moon and sun. Yes, I know. That means our curfew happens just a tad earlier. The good news is that's only in the Spring when we "loose" an hour. But during the Fall, we "gain" an hour. Which means we can sleep a little longer! Sounds a little confusing?
Then think of it this way:
Spring Forward
Fall Back.

Turn the clock 1-hour FORWARD on March 8.
Reverse clock 1-hour BACKWARD on November 1.
Be sure to find-out if your area uses daylight savings time. Remember you're awesome