Monday, April 27, 2015

Moat-er Skills

A moat is a really big ditch in the ground. It surrounds the entire entryway of a Town, Building, or Castle. Usually a moat is field with water. Oh yeah, and alligators... MAYBE?

The point of having a moat is to keep the bad guys from entering.
But Towners are the Good guys! So how can we go inside a castle without needing a first-aid kit? Easily, if we just follow this riddle:
"If you want to cross a moat.
Might need a coat."
Most of all, Take a BOAT"

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Shout Hurray For "Earth Day"

Let's go outside and see 1 spectacular view... NATURE! Rain, clouds, plants, and dirt, are all part of the earth's nature. Today is "Earth Day." That's when we celebrate the environment we live in. Which is our planet! Whether planting a tree, picking delicious fruit from a garden, or smelling cool flowers, the earth is all around us. Please remember to give our planet a round of applause Oh yeah, and a global helping hand.

Sunday, April 12, 2015

Kite Taking Flight

On windy days, it's always fun to go outdoors for a cool breeze. When feeling the flowing air, you can fly... A Kite! What is that? A Kite is an aircraft that is flown in the air. Kites operate within the basic laws of physics. Low pressure is produced, when the air flows above the Kite. At the same time, high pressure is being produced below the Kite's wings. This toy is built all over the world. There are even Kite Festivals & Competitions. Towners, keep soaring high in the sky, like A Kite!