About Us

Aniimal Town was created on July 23, 2009 by the company Fun Thinkers Inq. whose philosophy/motto is "When you read, you think!" We enjoy making entertainment that leads to an eager impression for knowledge. Fun Thinkers Inq. is an umbrella of many characters, raining down on young minds. Teaching an array of topics to create imagination. Our friends, which includes Humans and Aniimals. Working in harmony, all to impact the important tools for children to learn. These Aniimals are "Anthropomorphic." Aniimal Town is constantly inspired from everyday life. 

Overseer - C.M. Maxwell

Written by Camille & Illustrated by KeiMaria

Inner Voice of Kuba - Ernest Postigo

Inner Voice of Zooch - Jovan

Inner Voice of Duke Shark Pierre - Manu

Inner Voice of Rita Cheetah - Joanna Cook

Inner Voice of Ms. Pinky Flamingo - Jillian George

Inner Voice of Zina Hyena - Christina Cook

Inner Voice of Dezra Dalmatian - Yarnetta Jones

Inner Voice of Avion Chameleon - Sharma Cook 

Inner Voice of Mystiny Mermaid - Donnita Pyles

Inner Voice of Glowee Lightning Bug- Crystal Mullins

Marketer- Alexander Wentz

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