Tuesday, March 17, 2015

St. Green

All around Aniimal Town, we're Feeling Blue GREEN. And it's because it's St. Patrick's Day. This is a well-known holiday that comes from Ireland. According to legend, if you wear green on this day, you may find a pot of gold... But only at the end of the rainbow of course. Be on the lookout for Leprechauns, good food, parties, & parades. Even if you don't have any shamrocks near by, U R the best charm! 

Saturday, March 14, 2015

1 Path 2 Math

When counting, we're known to use our fingers, or other objects, to help us solve the problem... That is until a device was made called a "Calculator." Many centuries ago, 2 Universal Scholars by the names of Wilhelm Schickard, then Blaise Pascal had incredible ideas. Both of these inventors separately developed "Calculating Machines." Eventually the invention of the calculator was advanced by Gottfried Leibnizand, and later by John Napier. Thanks to all of them involved, we're able to solve the most difficult math problems. So glad to have a calculator, how about you?


Sunday, March 8, 2015

What Time Is It?

Today is Daylight Savings Time!
Daylight Savings Time is when we turn the clock, to match the light projected from the moon and sun. Yes, I know. That means our curfew happens just a tad earlier. The good news is that's only in the Spring when we "loose" an hour. But during the Fall, we "gain" an hour. Which means we can sleep a little longer! Sounds a little confusing?
Then think of it this way:
Spring Forward
Fall Back.

Turn the clock 1-hour FORWARD on March 8.
Reverse clock 1-hour BACKWARD on November 1.
Be sure to find-out if your area uses daylight savings time. Remember you're awesome