Monday, August 31, 2015

Ex-Squid-Zit Ink

In the ocean, there are fish that can make Ink. Whenever they feel nervous, or afraid, those fish begin to dispense a dark & cloudy liquid. Fishermen are known to call them "Ink Fish." But the proper name for fish who produces Ink, are called "Cephalopod." [Sef- uh- luh- pod] The Octopus, and The Cuttlefish are a part of the same family. Guess who's also part of their family? Squids! Fish Ink is very popular in Italy and Spain. The Ink is used in many delicious meals, or even as food coloring. Cuttlefish are able to make a brown/reddish Ink called "Sepia." [See- pee- uh] Whether it be an Octopus, Cuttlefish, or Squid, they're exquisite. Wait... They're Ex-Squid-Zit!

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

I C U and U C ME!

Before mirrors were modernized, people used very shiny brass or bronze metal to see their reflection. Another way people often use to captured their reflection, was with water and anything that produced dark coloring. Mirrors are made with the most purest/cleanest glass. Gold leaf, aluminum, silvery metal, or copper, are usually placed in the back of the glass. To make sure the glass and the backing sticks together, two or three coats of paint are added-on to the backing. Then the glass is heated at a really hot temperature. With the help of a mirror, a few artists use the reflection they see of themselves. That's how they can draw a "Self-portrait." I guess that's the reason why mirrors used to be called a "Looking Glass." 

"Mirror Mirror on the wall. Who's the coolest towner of all?"